The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Sarah, 16, Canada. I love music, running, rugby, food and cats!
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It’s back! Canada’s Luckiest Student 2 is now live at

Do you know a Canadian student who could use $20,000 for school and a bunch of awesome prizes? Please share this!

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When someone asks me about my plans for my future

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Who wore it best?

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What Should Runners Call Me: When I quit track... Also my last post ever 


Well guys this has been a fun journey, but as of today I’ve decided that I dont have the time for track anymore. As I’m sure you guys can understand, when you get to college you just have ten times as much work as you did in high school. And as much fun as track has been I just have too much…

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When they run out of the meet shirt in my size

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